3 More Days

of my job, and then I am free!! Currently I’m training my replacement, and while she is super-nice and seems very competent, I hate it. I’m the kind of person at this job that just likes to do my job quietly in my little cube and get things done. Training someone forces me to talk ALL day long. And you might think it’s like teaching, but believe me, training someone on the intricacies of an assistant position is nothing like teaching. BUT only 3 more days, including today. I feel like I’m counting down the hours, the minutes…

My sister complained that I haven’t updated my blog in a while, so here’s a post. The fact is, not much is going on. Tomorrow my pregnancy hits 13 weeks, the official last week of the first trimester, which is a huge relief. I’ve already found a new midwife/OB office for North Carolina, which is another relief. Other than those two things, I’m just mainly concerned with the move now. We have an apartment all lined up for the first year until we can get our house sold, and figure out exactly where we want to live.

Knitting wise, not too much going on. I’m knitting a baby sweater right now, which Jason immediately dubbed ugly. Sigh. Turns out his grandmother knit him lots of sweaters as a child (probably acrylic) so now he hates multicolored sweaters.
Here’s a progress picture:
I’m actually quite a bit further now, though ~ just one arm left to knit up. I’m using the Knitting Pure & Simple baby pullover pattern. I just love their patterns; nice and basic and mindless knitting. Exactly what I need right now!

Only 2 days and less than 3 hours left to go at this job…

Cravings this week: french fries dipped in a Wendy’s chocolate frosty, a milkshake from Cook Out (a North Carolina fast food place that I’ve never even eaten at but Jason keeps tempting me with… they have 30 flavors of milkshakes!)


3 Responses to “3 More Days”

  1. Jen Says:

    I like your baby sweater. I do not think it is ugly at all.
    I hope you got yourself some kind of milkshake today! 🙂

  2. becca Says:

    hee, yesterday was my last day!! i was counting down the hours on a little piece of paper next to my computer=)

  3. Sheila Says:

    If my math is correct, you are free from your job now! Congrats! I had to laugh about your hubby and his thoughts on the sweaters from his grandma. I was the same way. My grandma would always knit us up sweaters with terrible yarn and to top it off they never fit. I am guessing that her gauge was way off, or she thought we were extremly petite kids, because everything looked like it was knit for a 6 year old, and we were much older. Good luck with the move, and the packing…ugh! When is that you are actually taking off?

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