Becoming a boring blogger

I fully realize I’m becoming a boring blogger… what’s exciting to me right now, is certainly not exciting to the general public, or even the majority of the knitting community. After all, do most people get excited at the idea of an adorable cloth diaper or little wool covers for them? I do… It’s kind of crazy how cute cloth diapers are nowadays, but it’s easy to let it become an obsession. Here’s my stash of diapers so far.
Newborn/XS/Preemie Diapers


Random Covers and Fitteds:

There’s a whole world of cloth diaper-obsessed out there. Don’t believe me? Check out Diaperswappers.

Here are the wool covers (aka soakers) I’ve been working on. They go over either prefold diapers (the ones that look like big squares or the “old school” kind) or fitted diapers. They’re so easy to work up while watching a little tv, or the second season of Big Love on dvd, as I’ve been doing. The only problem with watching tv shows on dvd are that I’m SO disappointed when it’s over, and you have to wait so long until the next season comes out.
I’ve been experimenting with a few patterns: Little Turtle Knits Original Pattern, Punk Knitter’s Pattern, Little Turtle Knits Hybrid Rib. I still need to knit up a few pair of shorties and longies.

I’ve been freaking out a bit this week, as we don’t have any furniture yet for the baby, with the exception of this wardrobe, which we picked up at an antique shop here in Mooresville. As you can see, I already have it stocked with a few things. I love consignment and thrift store shopping! Almost all the clothes are from a local consignment or thrift store.
Baby's Wardrobe

Paddington and the rocking chair were Jason’s when he was a baby, and many of the books were either mine or his as a child.

I got a bug this morning to pull out the sewing machine, which I haven’t done since we moved down here. Here’s what I quickly worked up in a few hours.
Sewing projects

Two burp clothes (made out of remnants from Joann’s) and a ribbon snuggly –which is like a taggie blanket, but way less expensive ;). Now I just need to figure out how to wind the bobbin again… I’m so sewing machine stupid, it’s crazy.


5 Responses to “Becoming a boring blogger”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog today. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope the little one treats you well and comes out on time!

    We are cloth diapering parents to baby Kaya (13mo). I’m sure you’ve done tons of research, but if you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best to help out!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Abbie Says:

    Looks like you got a nice stash of cloth diapers there! I just wish I had switched sooner! I totally agree that the best cloths can be found at 2nd hand stores, e-bay and clearance racks at any store(got me some stuff at target this weekend for .98 cents!!!). Your doing great! It all does come together even though it seems overwhelming at times.

  3. Jen Says:

    I love all the baby stuff! 🙂

  4. Julie Says:

    I love the baby stuff especially the taggie blanket! So cute! 🙂 I wish I was crafty like this. I am good with photos and scrapbooking kinds of crafts.

  5. Robyn Says:

    Is it easy to make a Ribbon snuggly?

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