Same old same old

Not much to report in plath land. I’ve had spurts of motivation this past week, where I’ve been able to put together some baby things like the swing, stroller and cosleeper, but for the most part I’ve been laying low and catching up on sleep and “me time.” i seem to have gotten just about everything on my lists done… bought my last few things for labor (tennis balls– no I’m not going to be playing tennis ~ they’re for massaging my back, homeopathic meds like arnica and such) so now I guess will just be a waiting game.

I haven’t even really felt much like knitting, although I am working on finishing up another pair of shorties and have worked on them while watching Punky Brewster on DVD. I never realized how silly that show is, as much as I love it. I need to pick out a labor project, but I’m just not sure what it should be. I want something easy, but we don’t need any more blankets really, or washcloths, so I’m stumped. Perhaps just another pair of shorties or longies in a bigger size? I also need to finish up my itunes playlist for labor.

Current cravings? Tiramisu from La Patisserie, Rice Krispie treats, blueberries or strawberry/banana Just Tomatoes.

Yes, I’m getting large! I think I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to freak people out when they see me in public. I’ve had several people comment that I must be almost there, when in fact I have 4 weeks until my due date!
35 Weeks


3 Responses to “Same old same old”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Love the belly. I miss my belly that pregnant! (Almost there with baby number 2!)

  2. purplespaghetti Says:

    You look beautiful – truly! I just cannot wait – four more weeks? Really?!

  3. Jen Says:

    You are looking great! (and just slightly pregnant). 🙂

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