No news is no news

I’m still pregnant πŸ™‚ No big surprise there, as I didn’t really expect to go into labor yet. While it’s quite possible that I could go early (my mom went 3 weeks early with me and my MIL went almost 3 weeks early with Jason), I know it’s unlikely for a first time mom to do so.

Nesting is in full gear this Easter Sunday. I’ve already scrubbed the shower, done three loads of laundry, a load of dishes, scrubbed the stove and am now going to clean the floors in the kitchen, entry way and bathrooms.

I’ve been knitting a bit the past few days, too. I think I decided on my labor project. The baby really doesn’t need another blanket, but this one seems to be a good choice for easy knitting, while still keeping my mind somewhat occupied. I started the cast on with some bright orange cotton ease, but got distracted by this Conehead Baby hat pattern, and promptly knit it up. From the looks of it, it turned out a smidgen larger than I expected, so I think I’m going to reduce the cast on to 54 stitches and use a size 6 needle and have another go round with another colorway of Purewool. I love how it looks almost gnome-y. Pictures forthcoming!

And as soon as the baby does decide to arrive, I promise to get pictures and an update up on my blog promptly. The hospital has wi-fi access, and Jason will be bringing his laptop!


3 Responses to “No news is no news”

  1. Jen Says:

    Can’t wait to see baby Plath! πŸ™‚

    You picked good labor knitting, I think. Not that I have ever been in labor, but it is a beautiful blanket! πŸ™‚

  2. samantha Says:

    lucky knitter being pregnant! You get to knit all the cute little baby things!

    (I was yarn surfing on ravelry, and I saw your ravatar, damn! You are very pregnant – in a good way! I hope it’ll knit!)

    what a good blogger – you really don’t need to update until you get home from the hospital, you know!

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    No news is no news | Plath’s Adventures

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