We’re finally getting settled

It feels as though I was just typing those words about a year ago… That’s because I was. A year ago tomorrow, I posted about settling in after our move to North Carolina. And here we are, a year later, settling in after moving again. Ugh. Moving stinks, especially with a 6 month old!

We decided to take a little break from the unpacking last weekend, and headed up to the mountains to the Sky Top Apple Orchard and to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The color near Asheville was nowhere near peak, but there was quite a bit once we reached the Grandfather Mountain area. It’s been a yearly tradition for as long as I’ve known Jason, to go to the apple orchard to pick apples. North Carolina apples are good, but they’re not quite as tasty as Michigan apples. Ellie didn’t know any different though:

She is so close to crawling, I don’t think she can get any closer without actually doing it. Showing her skills at the orchard:
We’ve officially declared “hi” her first word. She’s says it back to you when you tell her hi.
The view from the orchard was amazing.

If you’ve never driven the Blue Ridge, my pictures cannot do the view justice. The road is simply amazing. There are hundreds of scenic view turn-offs. We took a short drive last year, and immediately donated to become Friends of the Blue Ridge. So far, it’s definitely my favorite place in North Carolina.

I finished the Hudson Hat, and love how it came out. I think Eleanore likes it, too.

I’ve started on Ellie’s Christmas stocking. I plan on knitting a very basic, green stocking out of Peace Fleece with a red heel and toe. I may embroider her name on the top as well, and I plan on knitting one eventually for Jason with red as the main color, with a green toe and heel.
I got side-tracked, however when I realized that I have no idea what she should be for Halloween, and it’s coming up very quickly. I think her costume this year will be very simple. My plan is a black cat with a black onesie and pants, and I’m knitting her a kittyville hat (using the measurements for the lil devil hat), and an i-cord tail out of cottonease. Not very creative, but at least I won’t be buying her a big silly, expensive costume.
kittyville hat
Well, a little someone is awake, so I must go change a diaper.


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4 Responses to “We’re finally getting settled”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I love her clothes! Where did you get that great dress?

  2. Sharon Says:

    You’re both adorable! You look so happy. 🙂

  3. Alana Says:

    Such a beautiful view.

    Hope moving wasnt too stressful.

    You both at beautiful, and girl you got skills with those needles.

  4. Rox Says:

    How is it possible that she is that big so fast? What are you feeding this child? LOL!! SOOOO very cute!

    Tell her I said….HI!

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