Need longies, stat

I think it’s time to knit some more longies. Sigh. She’s just growing too fast. After wearing these only a handful of times, and just now really needing something warm to wear (our high yesterday was only in the 50s), Ellie’s longies are looking more like capris. Remember this post? They were folded over at the waist and WAY too long. I can’t believe that was FOUR months ago. How time flies.

Her Christmas stocking is now finished. I ended up just knitting a basic 56 stitch sock pattern and like the results. I’m not sure how I feel about the embroidered E though. I haven’t woven in the ends of my embroidery yet, as I may pull it out and start over.
Jason thinks I should embroider her full name, but Eleanore is pretty long, and I just don’t feel right putting a nickname on her stocking for some reason. I’ve cast on for Jason’s stocking using red as the main color, but I may set it aside to start knitting Eleanore’s rainbow longies I’ve been planning. I have the yarn all picked out ~ more peace fleece. I initially wasn’t too sure about the peace fleece. It feels a little rough, and isn’t a dream to knit with, but after a few lanolin washes, I love how they’ve softened up. And their story is inspiring, of course.
New milestones: Ellie is doing wonderful sitting up by herself now. She loves sitting in front of a basket of toys and emptying it. She’s also waving! We couldn’t believe it when we had someone over for dinner and when they waved goodbye before they left, she waved right back. Still no crawling, but she’s great at doing push ups and pivoting in little half circles all the way around the room.


7 Responses to “Need longies, stat”

  1. Julie Says:

    What sweet photos! She’s certainly growing up fast! đŸ™‚ By the way, I personally *love* the e on the stocking. I wish that I could do something creative like that!

  2. Jen Says:

    She is getting so big. And I bet she is crawling any day now. My friend has a baby boy about the same age and he is so much fun. What a fun age!

  3. Jaimi Says:

    I LOVE that you spell Eleanore with the E on the end. It just looks so dignified! (Perhaps this comes from my days of loving the Anne of Green Gables books.)

  4. Holly Says:

    I was just checking in… Eleanore is adorable. I hope things are going well! Keep me posted on how things are!

  5. alanajo Says:

    OMG she is a doll!!!!! I love the stocking.

  6. Mary Jo Says:

    Hi! I love your knitting and Eleanore is beautiful!
    I’ve been looking for a stocking pattern. Do you have the sock pattern that I, too, could modify? I really like how you did it. Please let me know and thanks in advance!

  7. kaiserbunz Says:

    The longies Are too stinkn Cute! What talent you have momma!

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