First words

I posted a few days ago that Eleanore’s first word was hi. Well, her second word is mama.

I’m such a proud mama πŸ™‚ Jason is mad that she’s saying mama before dada.

The rainbow longies are coming along nicely. I just had to put an order in for violet, so they’ll probably be stalled for a few days, but so far, so good. Here they are pictured on my nightstand, which is just about the only place I get knitting done these days. I knit in bed after I nurse Eleanore to sleep.
Rainbow longies
I also cast my vote today in the election! I’m excited to feel as though I’m actually making a difference this year, as North Carolina has not swung democrat in the election in 40 years and they just may go democrat this year. I hope my vote puts them over the top!


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3 Responses to “First words”

  1. Baseball Mom Says:

    Oh how cute!! I love those first words. Those longies are cute. I love her necklace. Are those for babies? Does she leave it alone? I have seen a couple babies with necklaces on lately.

  2. Rox Says:

    So adorable! What do you suppose she is saying to you?

    Oh wait. Is it “mama” or…. “obammma”??


  3. Julie Says:

    Too freakin cute! I love hearing little ones talk and can’t wait to hear Abby’s first word too! πŸ™‚

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