Knitting and Vacation

I’ve been adding patterns like crazy to my queue on ravelry this week. This cold snap we’ve been having has really got my crafting mojo going. Most notably:

Offset Wraplen
Tulip Cardigan
Rocketry Cardigan
Kanoko Pants
Riverstone Sweater
Duck Soup Sweater

Can you tell we have cold weather here? I think the Kanoko Pants would make a great pair of longies if I use a wool yarn rather than the cotton ease. As much as I love cotton ease, I may as well make them multi-functional. Eleanore also needs a sweater, as it’s currently 29* this morning, so I’ve already cast on for Riverstone in Knitpicks Sierra. I really like the construction of this sweater. Here’s another picture of it if you don’t have a ravelry account. I think it will be a nice vacation project.
Vacation? Did I just say vacation? Yes, we’re headed to St. Pete Beach, Florida this weekend for a short four night vacation. I’m looking forward to a little beach, sun and relaxation, as long as we survive the ten hour car ride with the 7 1/2 month old!

I’m also working on a pair of baby socks. Although I guess I should start calling them toddler socks, as Ellie is wearing toddler sizes. I’m already thinking about Christmas, and I definitely want to knit her a few socks for her stocking, but I’m going to have to give her this pair before Christmas. I cast off on the first sock and tried it on her, and it barely fits. She definitely has her Daddy’s feet.
Speaking of Christmas, I did knit up a little gnome doll for Eleanore. I’m not super happy with my results, but I still think it’s cute regardless, and will make a nice addition to Ellie’s stocking. I should have used a smaller needle size, as my stitches got a bit stretched once he was stuffed. Not to mention, my seaming stinks, as always.
Gnome Baby

Another Christmas project is also in the works, but the details cannot be revealed… More when we return!


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One Response to “Knitting and Vacation”

  1. lilikaofthelake Says:

    Those pants are awesome – I am so inspired. I want to make some with little bunny tails for Easter.

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