Holiday Happenings

Our trip to St. Pete Beach was great. It was a little cool for Florida, but we couldn’t complain much, as it was still in the upper 60s, lower 70s for most of the four days we were there. It only rained once, and that allowed me time to stop in a LYS, Needles and Knobs. It’s a small shop, but I did manage to find some Colinette Jitterbug to add to my stash. No pics, but I got Kingfisher.

Ellie had her first swing ride while we were at our favorite beach, North Beach at Ft. Desoto.

She also got to experience sand for the first time. She was a little confused by it’s ability to look solid, and then just crumble in her hand.
She also found that she quite liked the taste of it. Once she realized that, I had to put the camera down, so I don’t have any pictures of her trying to eat fistfuls of it. For a little girl who has no interest in solid food at all, she sure took to the taste of sand.

We made all our usual stops in Florida, staying at the Tradewinds Sandpiper, and making sure to eat at Ted Peters, a dive we found a few years ago before it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Thanksgiving was nice, but uneventful. Since we drove home from Florida on Wednesday, we waited until Saturday to fix our big dinner. It was quiet without family around, but we still had our own little celebration. Eleanore wanted nothing to do with the mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes I made for her (sans milk and butter of course). Everything that went in, promptly came back out again.
First Thanksgiving
We’re still trying every so often (and we’ve tried pretty much everything imaginable except sand), but so far, she’s strictly a mamas milk kind of girl.

Yesterday we headed up to Boone, NC in the mountains to cut our Christmas tree. Coming from Michigan, where we were surrounded by Christmas tree farms, it was a little strange having to drive two hours to get the tree, but it was nice. Boone is a gorgeous town, and the mountains were breathtaking from the farm we chose. We stopped at Ewing’s Fraser Fir Farm, and were pleased with our choice. It was a family owned farm, and they were super-nice and the trees were beautiful. They had so many to choose from. It was very cold though, so we tried to make our decision somewhat quickly. Eleanore didn’t seem to care for the temperature.
Eleanore Christmas tree
Christmas tree farm in Boone
The view was amazing though.
Beautiful view from the Christmas tree farm

On the needles? Still working on Eleanore’s Christmas sweater, using the Riverstone pattern. I also knit up a very quick stocking stuffer, using the Oh Balls pattern. I love the way it worked up with no seaming.


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