Down to the wire…

I happened to glance at the calendar yesterday and panicked when I realized Christmas is NEXT week. Oh no. We have family coming in next Tuesday and Wednesday and my house is in shambles. Not to mention there’s food shopping to be done and knitting to complete. I’ve given up on gift knitting except for a few things for Eleanore.

So close to Christmas and yet I seem to be pattern hopping. I was thinking about buying Eleanore a santa hat, but Jason had the idea that I should knit one for her instead, so I immediately felt the need to cast on. After all, she’ll need the santa hat on Christmas, and not necessarily the sweater so soon. I’m pretty much writing the pattern as I go along, using 88 stitches. I want it to have room to grow so she can wear it again next year.
I’m not sure how I feel about the Riverstone sweater. I’m almost finished though, so I may as well complete it. It seems a little… off to me. I’m thinking a good blocking will change it’s appearance nicely though.
Remember my last post, where I mentioned that Eleanore wants nothing to do with solids? Well, overnight it seems she decided she enjoys food. She ate an entire ice cube of carrots and another of sweet potatoes yesterday. I was shocked!
She’s growing up so fast. Crawling and getting into everything, and she started a little bit of cruising along the coffee table the past few days, too! I can’t believe she’s already eight and half months old.


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