Only a week left

until the big day. Crazy isn’t it? We finally got our tree decorated this week, and I have found more Christmas craft projects to work on. I seem to be avoiding the Riverstone sweater, but that’s fine because I held it up to Ellie, and it’s going to fit her for a long time. It’s huge! She’s wearing 12 and 18 month clothes right now, so I decided to knit the 2T size, which may not have been such a wise choice. Ah well.

I finished the Santa Hat and think it turned out nicely. It should fit for a long time as well. No modeled pictures though, as I’m going to tuck it into Eleanore’s stocking on Christmas morning.
Eleanore's Santa Hat

After taking an inventory of all our ornaments, I realized that I hadn’t made a new ornament for this year as I have the past few years, so I decided to embroider one of my winter stitchettes patterns and will sew it into an ornament.
I’m always so inspired by Hillary Lang’s projects. Her vintage book collection sparks so much jealousy!

One tradition I started a few years ago was to purchase an ornament when we went on vacation. It’s nice because we get to think back to the trip when we hang the ornament. This is the one we got last July on our trip to San Francisco. I was pregnant with Eleanore, but didn’t know it at the time.
Cable Car Ornament from San Francisco Trip

Purchased last month on our trip to St. Pete Beach:
Palm Tree ornament from St. Pete Beach trip
Here’s a wooden one that I bought at Maple Landmark. Their wooden toys are beautiful as well, and I bought Ellie a push car from them for Christmas. I’m really impressed with the quality, and I love that they’re made in Vermont (not China!). I may have to buy one of their solace ornaments next year.

Speaking of ornaments, I purged quite a few this year. I’ve decided there’s no sense in keeping ones I don’t really like anymore, and I want to focus on keeping them meaningful. Our tree is now mostly full of glass or handmade ornaments, plus a few special ones from childhood, like Jason’s train ornaments and the ornaments from our travels.
Christmas tree 2008


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4 Responses to “Only a week left”

  1. Arcadia Says:

    Heya lady, I googled the s2404 and your site came up. I was just wondering if you’ve had any problems with yours/have a manual for it. I’m having a huge problem with it birdnesting everything thing. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated!

  2. Embroidery Says:

    You decorate your Christmas tree very well.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Baseball Mom Says:

    Your tree is so cute. I love the Santa Hat. Have a great Christmas with the lil one.

    Wishing you and yours a winning holiday season!!

    From the batting cages to the baseball fields, our team wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    Baseball Mom

  4. lilikaofthelake Says:

    Really sweet! Make a babys first Xmas ornament with your daughters picture and she will just treasure it when she is a mom!

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