2008 Ornaments

I managed to finish my ornaments for 2008.
After I finished with the stitchette, I figured I had the time and motivation for another quick embroidery project, so I made a quick snowflake.
No other crafting progress to speak of. I set aside Riverstone for now, and am absent mindedly working on a pair of longies out of peace fleece for Eleanore. They will make a nice mindless project to work on over the holiday family visiting, wine drinking and face stuffing that is sure to ensue.

Eleanore must be excited for Santa’s arrival because she hasn’t been sleeping well the past few nights. Last night she thought it was playtime at 3 am. Apparently crawling around the bed and head butting mama is more fun than sleeping. I hope my family is able to wear her out when they visit so we can all get some sleep! My parents and brother arrive tomorrow, and my sister and her husband will be here Wednesday. I can’t believe Christmas is Thursday! I do have all the shopping done, except one more trip to the grocery, but I still have quite a bit of wrapping to do, and fudge to be made. Everything finally feels like it is coming together though.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


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One Response to “2008 Ornaments”

  1. Ginger Says:

    I’m amazed and jealous at all you find time to do. Your ornaments are beautiful! Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

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