Sigh. Christmas is over, and the family has gone back to their respective states. It was so nice to have everyone come down to see us this year, but Eleanore is already going through withdrawal. She loves having a full house of relatives to climb on and smile at. She was, however, pretty overwhelmed and cranky on Christmas day. She didn’t want to open any of her gifts if she wasn’t allowed to chew on the wrapping paper and tissue. The fact that she was spoiled with lots of gifts from the family, made opening them a long ordeal that was interrupted by many nursing sessions and a few naps.
Christmas mosaic
We made it through though.
So far, her favorite gifts were these two:
a set of these blocks and the red ball I knit her. She also really liked the rainbow stacker Aunt Becca got her and a music cube from Uncle Jarod. Overall, my family did wonderful getting her natural toys that can be played with, and not overly plasticized toys that do the thinking for you 😉 We all appreciate that!

I received some wonderful gifts, too. Most notably the beautiful paintings Jason bought me.
He bought them off the wall of our favorite local coffee shop, Three Goats.
I also received some Noro sock yarn that I can’t wait to work with:

Between the cooking and watching Ellie pull up on and get into everything, I didn’t get much knitting done over the holiday, but I’m still working on her longies.
I’ve been splitting my free time between my new book series, the Sookie Stackhouse set, aka the True Blood series and knitting. I’ve already finished the first book in the series, Dead Until Dark, and have started the second, Living Dead in Dallas . If you’re a fan of the Twilight series, these are quite a bit different ~ they’re mysteries, but they’re still intriguing, quick reads, which I enjoy. I’ve not watched True Blood on HBO, but I’m looking forward to its release on DVD.


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3 Responses to “Christmas”

  1. minnie Says:

    if you love the books, you’ll enjoy the show. there are some differences, but they’re not significant enough to detract from the entire story. the interesting part is the last episode segues right into book #2 (i think. i need to reread it, lol)

  2. lilikaofthelake Says:

    I am still not through the first TrueBlood book but long for it always in the busy day. My six year old is starting to sew and the Christmas vacation is long with the three kids home all day with things to do. I love your pictures! This is such a great age for babies. No teeth yet? Take as many pictures as you can everyday of her doing everything. I always wish I had more pictures of them doing just everything. I seem to have gotten a zillion eating and bathing pictures but not as many as I would have liked of them just “being”. Happy Holidays to your cute family. Are you making socks or legwarmers?

  3. Baseball Mom Says:

    Looks like she had a ball. Good pictures. None of her in the Santa hat?

    ~*~* Happy 2009. To great health, wealth, and happiness this upcoming year. ~*~

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