Getting settled… again

The past few weeks, we made our fourth move in two years. Hopefully it will be our last for a long time. I do not want to pack another box again! We’re finally getting settled though, and are trying to enjoy our first Michigan autumn in a long while.
We’ve made a few more visits to our favorite orchard, Spicer’s for pumpkins, apples and cider. I’ve managed to make one batch of applesauce so far and am starting another today. It’s so delicious and easy using the slowcooker. I just peel and cut up the apples, add cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, lemon juice and a spoonful of raw honey and let it cook all day. The whole house smells like fall by the end of the day, and the applesauce is delicious by itself or mixed into oatmeal.
We’re actually back in our old house now that we moved out of two years ago. While small, it’s nice to have the built-ins that Jason made filled again:
canning 2009
I also have my yarn built-in back
yarn built-ins
My stash has grown since we lived here last, though, and I also have a dresser filled with yarn, too.

I’ve taken a small break from my shop knitting to knit for Eleanore, and finished a longies and hat set for her to wear to get our pumpkins:
That hat didn’t last long on her head though.

I’m working on an Oriental Lily sweater for her now, and a pair of mittens. Goodness knows we’ll need warm winter clothes this year!


One Response to “Getting settled… again”

  1. dyetara Says:

    Those pants are just too cute!

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