Leaves, knitting and spinning


It seems it took me moving back to Michigan to get the wheel out again. For two years and through four moves, it has sat idle until last week, I decided it was time to spin again. It must be the leaves falling, and the air turning cold that motivated me to dig out some of my small fiber stash and give it a whirl. Of course, I’m rusty, and have been a tad prone to bulky and lots of thick thin, and a touch of overtwist, but a little practice, and I hope to be able to spin some nice yarn for a sweater or longies for Eleanore.
brain freeze handspun
Handspun yarn
You can tell that the natural was the first try after my two year hiatus.

I’ve been working on a few things for Eleanore, and managed to finish this pinafore for her.
Blue Goblin pinafore
I liked the pattern so much, I’m casting on another one for her to give her at Christmas, and wear on Christmas day.

Eleanore has been enjoying the little warm up we had last week. It was wonderful to be in the 60s and outside enjoying the leaves and sunshine. I planted a few flower bulbs, which will be nice to see blooming after the long winter, and she played in the leaves once Jason gathered them up.

We’ve also been enjoying our fall books. I’ve been putting together a little seasonal library for us to read, and we already have a few fall favorites.


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