Holiday Crafting

This past weekend, we decided to make a trip downtown to go to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. It was wonderful to see all the young, local artisans’ wares and pick up a few things. Jason got me a great pinstriped wallet he plans to tuck in my stocking, and I got Eleanore a Detroit t-shirt. I tried to snap a picture of the wallet, but Jason hid it from me before I was able to.

While we were in Detroit, we also stopped at Eastern Market, a huge market where you can buy local and non-local meat, produce, plants, baked goods, anything you can imagine. We picked up some local honey, as well as some pasture raised beef, organic eggs and flour. We couldn’t buy too much, as we’ll be out of town after Thanksgiving for a week. At the market, we also spotted a really neat grapevine wreath, but we decided to make one ourselves, rather than buy it. We have some wild grapevines growing amongst our lilac bush, and because they’ve never given us any fruit, Jason pulled them out and I helped him put this together.
I love it, and while it’s probably not as perfect as the one we saw for sale, I love it even more because we made it.

I also finished Eleanore’s Christmas tunic, for her to open and wear on Christmas Day.
Christmas pinafore
I love this pattern, and think it’s perfect for Christmas. I’m knitting her a pair of solid off-white longies to match it, and I think it will look adorable paired with her red shoes.


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