A little trip and more crafting

Jason had a trade show to go to this past week in Indianapolis, so Eleanore and I tagged along for a few days for a mini vacation. We managed to go to the Children’s Museum for a day, and although she was young for most of the activities, she still had a nice time seeing the fish, hanging out with the dinosaurs and riding in race cars.



I also spotted some knitting graffiti downtown, which was really neat to see.
Knitting graffiti in Indianapolis

While we were nearby, we also fit in a stop to see the grandparents in Ohio, and made a stop at the Carriage Hill Metropark in Huber Heights, where Eleanore got to visit with some of her favorite animals: chickens and a horsie. She gets so excited whenever she sees a horse, I think riding lessons may be in our future.

Inspired by quite a few blogs, I pulled out my block of beeswax the other day, and made a few ornaments.
Beeswax ornaments

One tip I will give you, is if you’re using the plastic candy molds (like I used for the snowflakes), make sure you cool the beeswax a bit before pouring. My mold is now a melted mess, with only one cavity remaining intact! Oh well, you live and learn! The peace sign silicone ice cube tray worked perfectly, no matter the temperature. I’m going to try a few more as soon as my acorn and other snowflake molds arrive, as I think they’ll make great gifts, and will be perfect for our tree this year. Eleanore liked them so much, she carried around one of the peace signs all evening last night, smelling it and rubbing it, and holding it up to Jason’s nose, telling him to smell it. We’re nurturing such a nature lover.

They were great fun, and smell so deliciously of honey, I’ll definitely be making these next year as well. Bees are so interesting to me, and keeping them is on my list of things to try, although it won’t be for a few years. We’re going to try chickens in the spring, and we’d like to plant a few fruit trees, and then we may try bees if all goes well.


One Response to “A little trip and more crafting”

  1. Valorie Says:

    So funny I came across your blog via MDC, under Waldorf and I was looking at the pictures, not reading thinking wow they sure have the same exhibits as our children’s museum. Then saw the dinos peaking in the front and knew it was ours. Funny. Looks like you had a good trip 🙂

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