is definitely here. As quickly as sugaring season started, it ended. Apparently this was a bad year for maple sugaring in our area, as the weather warmed up much too quickly to keep the sap running. We managed to get only about 4 gallons from our trees, which should give us maybe a cup or two of syrup. But, that syrup will be special, as it’s from our own trees and handmade by us. We plan to boil it all down tomorrow and will hopefully get a pancake breakfast or two from our syrup.

Spring’s arrival is also bringing a few birthdays soon. Jason’s birthday is at the end of March, and Eleanore’s is the beginning of April, so I’ve been trying to fit in a few birthday and Easter crafts, as the dates crawl closer. I knit and felted an Easter basket for Eleanore (which, sadly, I started LAST March… oops), and will get pictures soon to share. I also sewed a birthday crown for her from some wool felt, with a matching Waldorf doll crown for her doll. I used the pattern here, and please disregard all the mistakes in the doll crown. I freehanded that pattern, and it was practice for dd’s crown, which I wanted perfect.
birthday crowns

It has even been warm enough for Eleanore to wear her short sleeve shirts again indoors, with only a sweatshirt when we go outside to play (in the mud). She was a little bewildered by the short sleeves the other day and kept looking at her arms; it was quite funny.


2 Responses to “Spring”

  1. jessica Says:

    I love the crowns, yay! I especially love your idea for the doll crown, I will have to do that, my daughter will love it. ;o)

  2. sheila Says:

    that is so funny about the short sleeves! up until my son was 3 or 4, and it was time to start wearing short sleeves again, he would tug on his sleeves and try to pull them down his arms. he would also have a look on his face that just said “these are wrong, fix them!”

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