Putting Up

My kitchen and pantry are becoming overrun with jars.


This picture was taken over a week ago and doesn’t even begin to show all that’s been put up so far this summer.
Totals so far:
spaghetti sauce: 2 quarts, 7 pints
tomatoes: 12 quarts, 8 pints
sweet pepper mustard: haven’t counted yet
sweet zucchini relish: haven’t counted yet
dill relish: 11 half pints
Dill slices: 3 pints
garlic dill: 2 quarts, 4 pints
bread and butter pickles: haven’t counted yet
hot dill: 4 quarts
regular dill: haven’t counted yet (and still more to put up)
salsa: 9 pints, 8 half pints
peach jalapeno jam: 11 half pints
grape jelly: 10 half pints
Not to mention, the many jars of chicken stock I’ve been canning whenever we have roast chicken. I love my pressure canner, and it works wonderfully as a water bath canner when not pressurized, as well!

Most of my recipes have come from these three books:

Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving: considered “the guide” to canning and it’s less than $10!
Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving: a little more in depth, recipe-wise than the Blue Book, and has some more unique recipes when you’re wanting something beyond the basics that the Blue Book covers
Putting Food By: I love this one. It has a recipe for everything, and includes many more tips and procedures for pressure canning than the Ball books do. It also has instructions for smoking, drying, root cellaring and freezing. I have this older edition if you’d like to read the reviews. It’s great for a beginner, as well as a more experienced canner.

This summer I also have frozen TONS of blueberries, bags of chopped and grated squash and 4 quarts of corn. Not to mention, we bought a local 1/4 cow that is currently in our freezer, and we’re looking into buying a whole pig from another organic local farm. It feels wonderful to know that we’ll be well stocked with food when the baby comes this winter.

I did manage to make a pie from some of the blueberries as well.
I’m not a big pie maker (Jason has always made the apple pies we’ve enjoyed every season), but this recipe was fantastic and easy.

This weekend I have two big bowls of elderberries to make syrup and jelly with. Elderberry is wonderful for taking when you feel like you’re coming down with something, and has been proven to work well at helping your body get over the flu. It worked great for us last year, but I was disappointed that we don’t have a bush here to harvest from (but we’ll be hopefully putting on in soon). Our rental house last year had a few, although I found them too late to harvest many ~ just enough for one and a half half pint jars of syrup. Our neighbor across the street was kind enough to let us pick from her bush, and we now have tons.



2 Responses to “Putting Up”

  1. Jezebel Says:

    Everything looks great! Another book you should check out is ‘Summer in a Jar’ which has small batch recipes for lots of things, like individual quarts of sauerkraut. It’s great for when you don’t have quite enough for a full batch.

  2. Our herbal medicine cabinet « Plath’s Adventures Says:

    […] we have been enjoying our elderberry syrup for two years now, and feel it really helped us avoid the flu the past two years, my usage of herbs […]

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