Finally, I have a spare moment to blog about our camping trip to Ludington, Michigan. Although it was a bit chilly, we all had a great time, even my parents who haven’t been camping in over 30 years (since before I was born!). Eleanore was right in her element, and loved spending every minute of the day outside, and sleeping in a tent. She was disappointed when we came back home and she had to sleep in bed again.
She was a huge help carrying logs for the campfire.

And loved marching around the campsite, singing. Can you tell who put together her outfit that day? (it wasn’t me)

Eleanore even had her first pony ride, which she did not want to finish. I forsee riding lessons in our future. Thank goodness we live right by a few horse farms that provide them.

The town of Ludington is small, but there are some cute shops, including a yarn store: Nautical Yarn. To prepare for socktoberfest, I purchased some souvenir sock yarn. You know, because my sock yarn stash isn’t big enough…
Souvenir Ludington Yarn

I also managed to finish my camping WIP right before Socktoberfest started, a Bitty Cabled cardi for the baby.
Bitty Cabled Cardi

My socktoberfest count so far is two pair ~ both for Eleanore, but more about that next time, along with our autumn crafts and a bit about our homeschooling venture.


One Response to “Camping”

  1. Jezebel Says:

    Love the cardi! We are pony shopping at the moment, you are doomed LOL!

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