P is for Pumpkin

I can’t remember if I blogged about it or not, but Eleanore and I have started a bit of homeschooling this fall. Most of our “curriculum” is literature based, using our seasonal books, a bit of Waldorf principles and crafts and a few of the Before Five in a Row books. We’ve been focusing on letters as well, (Eleanore already knows them all, as well as her ABCs), and this week’s letter was P. We’ve been centering in on pumpkins (perfect for fall!), since we will be getting our pumpkins and apples this weekend at the orchard (next week will be apples).
We have celebrated with Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal ~ delicious, especially with hulled pumpkin seeds mixed in, Pumpkin Spice coffee for me and Pumpkin Pancakes. I even made a delicious cake with the leftover oatmeal.

We also had great matching fun with these pumpkin life cycle cards . I printed them out on cardstock and laminated them with my newest purchase, this inexpensive laminator from Amazon. It works perfectly for little projects like memory cards and other homeschool materials; I’ve only had it a week or so and I’ve used it constantly. We also had fun with the Autumn matching cards from the same link, and I just found these leaf matching cards which will be perfect to coordinate with our next craft project ~ pressing leaves in waxed paper to make sun catchers.

Other P foods we’re enjoying this week are potatoes, popcorn, peas, pizza, pasta with parmesan and peanut butter. We painted with purple paint this week as well.
Painting with watercolors

In knitting news, I have finally figured out what Eleanore should be for Halloween, which has made me take a break from Socktoberfest, even though I’ve been enjoying cranking out the socks. Eleanore was jumping around the house saying, “ribbit!” last weekend, which made both Jason and I look at each other and realize what she should be at the same time. Frog it shall be. We already have the perfect green sweat suit for her, and I knit up a frog hat. Eleanore wore it all day yesterday, and wouldn’t take it off so I could get a better picture. When I was finished, she told me, “Good job on the hat mama. Good job.” She is such a little stinker. I guess that means she approves!

However, before we came to that revelation, I did manage to knit two pair of socks for Socktoberfest, and both of them are for Eleanore. This mismatched pair uses some Kaffe Fassett Regia yarn:
Mismatched socktoberfest socks

and these are out of some discontinued Knitpicks Parade:
Socktoberfest socks II FO

Last night, I cast on a pair of socks for me, which I’m excited about. I haven’t knit anything for myself since January, and haven’t knit myself socks in a LONG time! I’m using the Embossed Leaves pattern from IK’s Favorite Socks with some plain grey Regia.


2 Responses to “P is for Pumpkin”

  1. Jezebel Says:

    Cute hat! Boogie is also going to be a ‘Foggie’ for one of his Halloweens, but I found his costume at a garage sale, no knitting necessary.
    I have a full size laminator and I just love it too. Great for protecting knitting patterns and recipes.

  2. WIP and FO Wednesday « Plath’s Adventures Says:

    […] is over, and I managed to finish five pair of socks/booties during the month of October. 2 pair for Eleanore, 1 pair for me, and 2 pair of booties for the baby […]

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