Autumn Crafts and Knitting

Nothing says Autumn like beautiful fall leaves, so I knew Eleanore and I needed to do a leaf craft this year. We headed outside for a nature walk and collected lots of leaves.

I remembered a craft I did in school when I was small where we pressed leaves between pieces of waxed paper, so we attempted to recreate that. I should have added a construction paper border to our sheets when we were finished, but it worked well for a nice suncatcher. Eleanore loves walking by our table where we have them hanging and commenting on the pretty leaves.

My socks are coming along nicely. I really like how the pattern is working up, especially in such a neutral solid. I do wish I had changed it to do my usual k1s1 heel flap, and I did change the toe to my regular toe decreases, but other than that, I’m happy with the pattern. It has an easy to follow chart and I have a lot of the chart memorized. Sock number 1 is finished, and I just started the foot for sock number 2 after finishing the gusset. I almost suffered from second sock syndrome, but I pushed myself to get the second sock cast on. I deserve a pair of hand knit socks this fall!


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