WIP and FO Wednesday

As I mentioned in my last post, Socktoberfest is over, and I managed to finish five pair of socks/booties during the month of October. 2 pair for Eleanore, 1 pair for me, and 2 pair of booties for the baby bean.

My pair is knit from Regia’s basic sock yarn in the Embossed Leaves pattern, which I think turned out great.

Then, I used this seamless baby bootie pattern for two quick pair of booties. They turned out great! I sized down to size 1 needles for one pair with fingering weight yarn to make them more newborn sized, which worked well.

With October coming to an end, I declare November hat and mitten month. Both Eleanore and the bean (and maybe even me) need new hats, and Eleanore also needs new mittens this year.

On the first two days of November, I started and finished the munchkin hat for baby bean. I really love how this knit up, and think it will be perfect for a few adorable newborn pictures once she’s born.
Munchkin Hat
Yes, I just spilled the beans. She. I don’t think I’ve announced that here or on facebook, but we (ahem, actually Jason) wanted to find out this time, and we’re having another girl! We know Eleanore will love having a baby sister.

And speaking of Eleanore, I cast on a pair of mittens for her yesterday out of peace fleece.
Mittens WIP

I know I’ve raved about it before, but I love the subtle colorations of this yarn, which my pictures do nothing to reflect, and it’s the perfect mitten yarn ~ durable, holds up fabulously to snow and is affordable.

The pattern is working up pretty quickly, but I still need to get a move on. They’re forecasting snow showers Thursday night into Friday!


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