Working on my photography

While I realize I will (probably) never be an absolutely amazing photographer, I am trying to at least capture better pictures of my girls. I stumbled across the joy of LOVE free online class and decided I would give it a try. The lessons are daily for the month of February, but you can still sign up!
Yesterday’s prompt was “What they do,” and while I had intended to capture and post a picture of Eleanore playing with her legos:

I was able to snag this picture as well. Blackmail material for when Eleanore is older šŸ˜‰


Adelaide is adding to her “do” list as well. We had her first “awake” smile last week. Here is a little one I was able to snap, I’m still trying to get one of the good ones.


I’m amazed with how much she looks like Eleanore did in the pictures I’m taking lately. Here is a very similar one of E around the same age:

Knitting is happening around here, as are crafts with E. More on those next post!


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