Eleanore’s Winter Crafting

Eleanore has really started to look forward to our crafts, so I’ve been trying to incorporate them into our everyday, while still keeping them a bit seasonal. Quick and easy has definitely been a plus lately, especially when the mama prep-work needs to be squeezed in between daily chores and tending to the baby. This melted crayon heart fit the bill nicely. I gathered up all of the red, purple and pink broken crayon pieces out of Eleanore’s crayon box and chopped them up (a grater would also work well depending on the size of your pieces), cut out two hearts from waxed paper and let her sprinkle the pieces between the two hearts. Then I placed the heart between two old towels and ironed them. Make sure to use old rags and not your nice bath towels, as we had a lot of seepage, but the result made a beautiful stained glass heart for Valentine’s Day.
crayon heart

We also made these thumbprint heart magnets.

And these simple contact paper mosaic hearts. I wish I had seen these first, as I like them better, but perfect for next year!

Eleanore is wearing a groundhog hat she made at library story time. I love that they incorporate a craft at every story time, and Eleanore does, too.

Today we made play dough. I’ve used a few recipes and blogged about them before, but our last batch didn’t hold up as well as others have in the past. I much prefer this cooked dough recipe. It has a better texture and doesn’t go bad as fast. We colored it with a bit of spirulina added to the water and scented it with peppermint essential oil.

I’ve been crafting as well, of course. More on that next post.


2 Responses to “Eleanore’s Winter Crafting”

  1. Julie Says:

    Looks like you guys have been having some fun! Thank you for the great craft ideas for Abby and I to try out. 🙂

  2. Garlic Harvest and Homemade Play dough Fun « Plath’s Adventures Says:

    […] decided it was time for fresh batch of play dough recently, too, and while we used our standard recipe, we colored this batch with some kool aid. From left to right is blue raspberry, cherry, lemon […]

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