Menu for February 20-26th

One of the things I’ve been doing the past few months to help keep myself organized in preparation for a new little one is creating a weekly menu and sticking to it. It has helped so much in making our grocery shopping trips much more streamlined, and also helps to curb those “convenience nights” where we run out to the store to buy something easy to fix, and often unhealthy, as well as saving money on too much take-out. That’s not to say that I don’t make changes during the week, I do! I sometimes switch out days if something sounds better one night or if our plan’s change, but for the most part, I’ve been sticking to the plan. The past few months, I kept track using the notes feature on facebook with our menus week by week, but thought posting them to the blog will help me more easily search for past recipes when I need them.

Doing things this way has also enabled me to add quite a few new recipes to our menus. I try to make at least one new recipe a week, and while many of them don’t make the cut to be tried again, a few have become true favorites. The tomato and sausage risotto is one of those new favorites!

This week’s plan:
Sunday: tomato and sausage risotto subbing homemade chicken stock for the wine and turkey sausage for the sausage, french bread (super easy recipe!)

Monday: meatloaf (I sub ground turkey and homemade breadcrumbs with added garlic for the croutons) mixed vegetables, leftover french bread

Tuesday: tacos/burritos/nachos with ground turkey and mashed beans (previously cooked from dry beans and frozen using this crockpot method)

Wednesday: chicken hash with homemade gravy

Thursday: Roast chicken, stuffing, carrots

Friday: BBQ chicken pizza topped with leftover roast chicken, red onions and cilantro (inspired by pioneer woman) and homemade crust. I use the olive oil recipe from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day cookbook. It makes 4 crusts, so I make two pizzas and freeze two balls for the next week. It freezes great; just thaw it in the fridge overnight.
*I also need to make stock with the chicken bones today.

Saturday: New recipe (Jason probably won’t like it, but I want to try it…): Penne with creamy pumpkin sauce (subbing almond or goat milk for half and half), vegetable, garlic bread


2 Responses to “Menu for February 20-26th”

  1. Emily Nolan Says:

    I bought my husband the Artisan Bread book you mentioned for Christmas, but we haven’t been able to jump into it yet. The risotto sounds delicious!

  2. MamaMidwife Says:

    The last one “penne with pumpkin sauce” sounds delicious!!

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