Waiting for the Birds

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, we got snow dumped on us. Again. I am kind of over winter this year. It’s so tough to enjoy the outdoors like I’d like to (and I’d like Eleanore to as well) with a tiny baby. Not to mention, February is always a tough month to get through in Michigan. It’s usually overcast, bitterly cold and drab. So, I thought we needed something to look forward to. To wait for. Enter a nice craft.

I cut stars and rectangles from some heavy cardboard and punched holes in them. Then we spread them with peanut butter, dipped them in bird seed and hung them from our magnolia tree right outside the living room window. It was a slightly messy craft, but Eleanore enjoyed it. As you can see from her shirt, she rather enjoys messy crafts ~ she’s frequently covered in watercolor paint or play dough. Or both. Especially enjoyable for her was tasting the peanut butter 😉 We can’t wait to bird watch!

Making bird seed ornaments

Making bird seed ornaments

Making bird seed ornaments

We’re currently waiting for the birds to invade. Eleanore is watching our magnolia tree patiently from the window, waiting for the birds to arrive to eat from our new feeders. So far we’ve fed a squirrel and a chickadee, who sang to us for a few minutes before snagging some seeds and returning to his home, which is in the house at our magnolia tree.

While Adelaide didn’t get to paint with peanut butter, she did seem to enjoy getting into her wool to take a quick trip outside in the snow.
Winter wooly smile
We’re loving the winter smiles and coos she’s offering lately.


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