Creeping into Spring

Finished coffee filter butterflies

The rain is falling and the snow is melting. We’re hoping that means Spring is on its way. We’re tired of the cold and snow, so I thought it was time to start us on some Spring crafts. These butterflies are one of Eleanore’s favorite crafts so far, and they’re very simple. She has asked to make them again twice already.

All you need are:
round coffee filters
watercolor paints

Flatten the filters slightly and paint them with the watercolors. You will need to have something underneath them as they will leak paint. Our homemade paint board worked nicely.
Making coffee filter butterflies

Making coffee filter butterflies

Let them dry and then fold them accordian-style. Clip the middle with the clothespin and puff up the wings a bit. That’s all there is to it!

Jason also took an idea I had for a rainbow scarf twirl wand and ran with it this week, too. I dyed a play scarf last year with the intent to turn into a simple twirl wand by drilling a hole in a wooden dowel, but Jason insisted we use a tree branch from the yard instead. He scoured the yard to find the perfect black walnut branch, took off the bark, drilled a hole, and then sanded and polished it with beeswax polish. I think it’s beautiful, and it’s so much more special than one with a wooden dowel, although I imagine any of them would be fun to twirl.

Handmade Twirler


I was finally able to finish Adelaide’s striped longies, and really like how they turned out.
I also worked up another quick pair with some stash TIG yarn. Right now, I’ve been working on some birthday projects for Eleanore: a scrappy Waldorf-doll Milo and another big girl Milo for Eleanore. I can’t believe my little girl is going to be three in a few weeks. She is becoming such a sweet, grown-up girl. We recently joined a small Waldorf home school group and think it will be the perfect fit for her. We’ve only been to one meeting so far, but Eleanore loved doing circle time and craft and snack time with her new friends.


Adelaide is doing well, too! She is such a smiley baby and has fallen into her own little routine so easily. It’s quite a bit different than Eleanore as a baby. It’s so shocking to me that my children are so different, but they are definitely each their own little person.


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  1. anjobanjo22 Says:

    Those little pants are so adorable!

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