Spring Has Sprung?

Well, we all thought Spring was here full force last week (when it was still Winter, according to the calendar). We enjoyed gorgeous 70 degree weather in Indianapolis for a mini-trip we took to their wonderful Children’s Museum. Eleanore had a wonderful time. We had gone a little over a year ago, but she was a bit young for the full experience. She absolutely loved the dinosaur exhibit they have, as well as sitting in the Indy car.
And the carousel was a huge deal, as well, given her huge love of horses.
She also had a blast in the hotel pool every night. Adelaide even enjoyed “swimming” in the pool, thanks to the solarveil pouch sling I wore her in.

On a rainy day, we also happened upon the amazing Garfield Park Conservatory with gorgeous tropical plants and trees. Eleanore loved seeing the koi, and it was a treat to see bananas and cocoa trees actually growing fruit in Indiana.

We also found a cute little shop~ homespun: modern handmade selling all kinds of handmade items. Jason had to go in once he spotted the owner behind the register wearing her baby in an ergo. Everything in the shop was handmade by artisans all over the country, and there was some really nice merchandise. We snatched up a cute little dress for Eleanore, and as Adelaide was fussing while I shopped, the owner offered up a chair for me to nurse in so I wouldn’t need to head out to the car to feed her. How’s that for customer service? If you’re ever in the area, the pizza at Jockamo next door was delicious!

But as our trip came to an end, so did Spring, it seems. We have snow on the ground once again and temperatures in the 20s. Ugh.

I did manage to finish up the scrappy birthday Milos. One for Eleanore’s waldorf baby and one for her.
scrappy milo

The pattern mods for the doll size are in my ravelry notes, courtesy of another knitter. I really like the simplicity of the pattern, and need to knit one up for Adelaide, as well.


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