Garden Time

You might notice that I have a new button in my sidebar to the Homeschool Village Garden Challenge. Being that I had already planned on starting some gardening activities with Eleanore, I thought it was perfect for us to join when I came across it the other day while doing my weekly blog reading.
We just received our belated seed order last week from Johnny’s and Territorial. Getting our seed list in order has been on the to do list for what seems like forever, but finally we were able to sit down and figure out our plan. This will be our first year attempting to start everything from seed, rather than buying plants. Jason set up a seed starting area in the garage with a heat pad and grow lights and we have a few of the seeds already planted. Our plan is for pumpkins, acorn squash, pickling cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, lots of lettuce, spinach and kale (perfect for my green smoothies), beets, carrots, cantaloupe, tomatoes, hot and green peppers. I also have a few herbs to start like calendula, feverfew, dill and basil.
We also started some Easter grass this past week and are delighted that it only took two days to sprout! We planted wheat berries, so we have our own wheat grass growing.

We pulled out a few of our seed books this week, as well.
Seeds and More Seeds, a Science I Can Read Book
The Tiny Seed

We will have to pick some new ones out next week at the library.
Eleanore has been having a great time tracing the past few weeks, so the tracing sheets in this free preschool garden pack were perfect. We’ve also started tracing letters after I realized she could already make and recognize an E and an I when she was coloring last week.


4 Responses to “Garden Time”

  1. Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy Says:

    What a great way to blend gardening and homeschool. It looks like a lot of fun. The next link up will be on April 28th, 10 AM. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the HSV Team.

  2. Zonnah Says:

    I love growing wheat grass. We did it last year and I loved watching grow, boy is it fast!

  3. Garden progress « Plath’s Adventures Says:

    […] remember our wheat grass planting? We planted it a bit too early for the Easter baskets, but it grew fantastically! It worked so well […]

  4. gamekey Says:


    […]Garden Time « Plath’s Adventures[…]…

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