Enjoying the outdoors

This has been a difficult winter for us. With me being hugely pregnant at the beginning of the season, and with Adelaide being born in mid-December, it’s been hard for us to get outside and enjoy the weather. Now that the temperature is warming, we’ve been trying to remedy that. We made a trip to the farm last weekend and Eleanore had a great time visiting the chickens, ducks, sheep, cows and pigs. She also had a nice time “driving” the tractor.
And yesterday made a great afternoon to spend at the park.
Eleanore is a lot more adventurous this year climbing the structure.

We also made a few crafts for our spring nature display. This bird’s nest was really easy and fun. We just gathered sticks from the yard and glued them onto a squashed paper bag.
our bird's nest
We painted green leaves to hang on our tree.
spring nature table

And, I was finally able to successfully wet felt an egg. Last year I gave up after my initial attempt failed miserably. I’ll get pics of that soon. I’d like to start needle felting this year, but I broke all my needles the other day :/ I have some roving and more needles coming from peace fleece soon.

I think Adelaide has been enjoying the fresh air, as well.


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