Tv-free week crafts

This week our goal is to not turn the tv on at all, or at least not until very late in the evening. Jason enjoys unwinding after work with a little tv, and considering he doesn’t get a lot of unwinding time, I can’t take that away from him. We don’t generally watch a lot of tv during the day, usually just a few PBS kids shows~ Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street, but I don’t like the habit they’ve become. So, being that this is Screen Free Week, I thought it was the perfect week to ban the tv and work on lots of crafts.

Bring in the Easter crafts! Eleanore helped me wet-felt some eggs for our Spring table a few days ago. We just did some basic ones this time, but I have plans to make a few more using plastic eggs so they’ll be fillable.
wet felting eggs
wet felting eggs
felted eggs

Yesterday we made simple beeswax egg candles, inspired by Frontier Dreams. They’ll be perfect for lighting our dinner table this week.
egg candle

We started these paper mache eggs, as well. They’re still drying and I’ll have pics up of our experience later this week. Eleanore did really well with the paper mache; I was surprised! And it was actually my first attempt at paper mache except for one little project when I was in fifth grade.

I also knit up a super quick chicken egg cozy. I left it simple and just sewed on a little comb, but no eyes or beak. I was lazy. Maybe I’ll add them later. I haven’t decided.

Now I’m knitting up a Tiny Tea Leaves sweater for Adelaide. My goal was to have matching sister sweaters finished for Easter, but it looks like only Adelaide’s will be done in time. I really love how simple this pattern is.


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