Garden progress

Continuing with our Homeschool Garden Challenge, and now that the weather is warming up, the gardening itch is getting stronger. However, our seed starting has been less than exceptional… Jason keeps reminding me it’s our first go at this, but it’s still disappointing that we’re not doing so well. Our first issue was not keeping the seeds warm enough. Now I don’t know if we’re keeping them too wet or not wet enough. So far, some pumpkins sprouted, which are not doing so fantastic, as they were pushed up against the plastic cover and got a bit too wet, as well as a few tomatoes.

I need to get a few strawberry plants I was given into the ground this weekend. It will be wonderful to go out and pick fresh strawberries! Jason also bought some bamboo to put in.

My garlic seems to be doing nicely, and I have some kale and spinach that overwintered.

And these two containers are busy making wonderful dirt for our garden. Jason fashioned these compost barrels last year and they work great.

Eleanore was given this pepper seeding yesterday by our librarian to celebrate Spring. At least someone is successful at seed starting 😉

And remember our wheat grass planting? We planted it a bit too early for the Easter baskets, but it grew fantastically! It worked so well that I think we’re going to start some lettuce seeds the same way later this week. I used a clear plastic container I bought baby spinach in, and it was neat to watch the seeds sprouting and being able to see the roots through the clear plastic while it grew. Here’s a picture of it on our spring nature table.
spring display

A few books we are enjoying right now that go along with gardening are:
The Dandelion Seed~ absolutely gorgeous illustrations. This one was great, as Eleanore had fun picking the dandelions at Grandma’s house last weekend.
Planting a Rainbow
Wiggle and Waggle ~ about earthworms
I also have a few books on composting and worms on reserve at the library. I love that the garden really does come full circle with our composting the food to nourish our plants that provide us with the food.
More important than the anything though, is we’re getting outside to enjoy the warm days.


4 Responses to “Garden progress”

  1. Jezebel Says:

    Do you have a heat mat under the tray? That helps a lot.

  2. Ray's Homeschool Says:

    I can start any seeds you give me, just don’t ask me to transplant them into the garden, that’s where they shrivel and die for me 😦 Are you sure that your seedlings are getting the proper amount of sunlight?

  3. Zonnah Says:

    I love your nature table!

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