Dandelions everywhere

Dandelions are, apparently the hot new weed herb. I’ve been drinking a tea with dandelion leaf in it ever since I was pregnant with Adelaide, although mine came dried from bulkherbstore. But now they are in season and are everywhere! Dandelion is so good for you and is incredibly abundant.
We made dandelion leaf lemonade last week, by using dandelion leaf tea for the water in our homemade lemonade. I mix equal amounts of sugar and lemon juice and heat them until the sugar is dissolved, add a full french press pot of the dandelion leaf tea and cool. I brew all my loose leaf teas in my french press ~ it makes it so easy to strain! We plan on making this dandelion lemonade with the blossoms, and yesterday we baked up these dandelion cookies (subbing coconut oil for the oil and flaxseed mixed with water for the eggs) with our blossoms.
They were very easy to whip up and aren’t super sweet, with only honey as the sweetener. They’re an almost granola-y, but cakey cookie. I bet they would be amazing with a little maple glaze.
I’m also throwing a handful of the leaves in my green (which are occasionally purple when I throw in frozen blueberries) smoothies. We definitely have enough to go around! I also have plans to throw them in salad, too, of course.

While out hunting for dandelions, we found a huge patch of violets in the yard. I don’t think we have enough for a batch of violet jelly, so I only picked a few to add to tea and to dry.


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