Working (and napping) in the garden

We had a decent weather weekend, so we spent a lot of it outdoors. It was nice to get into the garden beds and work up the soil, and Adelaide even managed to nap outside for a good part of the afternoon Saturday, Sunday and Monday!
Napping in the garden
I think she will definitely be an outdoor girl like her sister, but with her more laid back attitude, perhaps she will be reading books under trees rather than running around like a banshee. Only time will tell of course!

My garlic, spinach and kale bed now has carrots planted.
Garlic and lettuce bed

The herb bed has catnip, oregano, sage and chives growing nicely. A few chamomile seedlings are doing well, too.
herb bed
It will also hold basil and dill once those get going, and the weather warms up.

Eleanore was very excited to work up the soil, too, and kept stealing my tools from me. Guess we need to get another one for her!
working in the garden
I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but Eleanore is wearing two dresses. I gave her the choice between two dresses that morning, and she insisted on both.


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