Spring Projects

I finished a really quick Castor vest for Adelaide this past week, using some more of the yarn I dyed last summer, which matches Eleanore’s Principessa dress.
I was a tester for this pattern, but I absolutely love the construction on it. It was super simple to work up, too.

Now I’m working on Eleanore’s Tiny Tea Leaves. I just cast off for the body and am about to start the sleeves. I hope I don’t run out of yarn, as the color is discontinued from Peace Fleece 😦 I may need to make it short sleeve. Then I must find another “vacation project” to take on our trip north.

In outdoor projects, Jason finished a swing for Eleanore. It’s currently her favorite thing to do, of course.
That is her face every time you ask her to smile for the camera these days. Silly girl.

The seedings are coming along. Our lettuce and spinach starters inside are sprouting nicely and I plan on transplanting them to the bed soon. My basil, dill and feverfew have all come up, as have quite a few tomato seedlings.

In kitchen projects, last post, I mentioned that we didn’t have enough violets in our yard for a batch of violet jelly. Well, we do now! Our back hill is almost covered with them. I opted to make violet syrup this week instead though, as I didn’t feel like dealing with possible gel issues (and I don’t have any liquid pectin on hand). If you don’t know, picking violets is a time consuming venture. Definitely not as time consuming as picking and de-stemming elderberries, but most certainly, not a quick task. Over an afternoon, I managed to pick a small bowl of them, washed them, and and then poured boiling water over. You need to let them soak in the water for at least 24 hours and then drain off the blossoms, saving the blue liquid. Then you add an equal amount of sugar to your water and a tsp of lemon juice. Then the magic happens. The liquid becomes pink when you add the lemon juice ~ Eleanore really got a kick out of that. Boil for 10 minutes, pour into jars and process (or refrigerate if you don’t want them to be shelf stable). Behold the beauty:
violet syrup
It should be delicious in our tea and added to lemonade, too.

Our weather has been beautiful for the past week. Our house is very small, so it’s truly a blessing to be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze. Eleanore couldn’t resist putting on her new butterfly tutu and wings she received from Grandma and Papa for her birthday to help mama pick violets and dandelions.





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