Up North

I wish I had come back from our trip up north with stunning pictures of the woods, but I didn’t. It was beautiful, but to be honest, I was too busy taking everything in with my eyes to take any pictures. It did rain for a lot of our trip unfortunately, but the break from the daily grind (as well as internet, phones, etc.) was nice. The only pictures I managed to snap were a few when we headed out to the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City.
The weather was gorgeous the day we arrived, as well as the day we left. Isn’t that always the way it works out?
With the rain putting a kink in our plans to hike, we ended up driving to Traverse City, Charlevoix, Boyne City and Petoskey to take in the view of the lakes and check out the up north towns. We dodged the raindrops to walk through the town of Petoskey, and I picked up a few buttons in a small gift shop for Eleanore and Adelaide’s matching Tiny Tea Leaves sweaters. I love the quiet of the area, and we’re already starting to plan our next trip up north. Probably to camp at a state park on the western shore.

We had hoped to find lots of morels, as the morel hunting in that area is supposed to be fantastic, but we only found one. So imagine my surprise when I found two big ones out by our dying apple tree yesterday. I fried them up with our dinner and they were delicious. Eleanore and I may need to take a trip to the state park near our house to do a bit more hunting…


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