Summer Bucket List

Come join the Summer Bucket List party!

It’s raining, it’s pouring and both girls are snoring. What could be better to do than to make a list of all the summer fun we will have this year?

1. Pick strawberries
2. Make jam

3. Head to the beach and play in the sand
4. Go camping
5. Order our caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies~ our caterpillars have arrived!
6. Read books outside
7. Have a picnic
8. Go to the farmer’s market at least twice a month
9. Go to the zoo
10. Have a campfire in the backyard and cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows
11. Go fishing
12. Participate in the library’s summer reading program
13. Pick blueberries
14. Bake a blueberry pie
15. Splash at the splash park
16. Go to the dairy farm for ice cream cones
17. Visit Grandma and Papa
18. Visit the Kalahari waterpark
19. Go to a drag race
20. Make popsicles
21. Make suntea
22. Make lemonade
23. Go to the farm at Kensington
24. Swing
25. Make soap
26. Grill out
27. Catch lightening bugs
28. Puddle jump in the rain
29. Paint outside
30. Eat all three of our meals outside
31. Have a pajama day
32. Sidewalk chalk
33. Tie dye outside
34. Blow dandelion seeds
35. Make ice cream
36. Can
37. grow sunflowers
38. summer nature table
39. nature walks
40. have a tea party
41. Go garage sale-ing
42. Make oobleck
43. Make rainbow stew
44. Take pictures every day
45. eat vegetables from our garden
46. go to the Ann Arbor farmer’s market
47. visit the botanical garden
48. Buy only local eggs and produce except for bananas and citrus.
49. Make mud pies
And a few for just me:
50. Bake all our own bread.
51. Master biscuit making


3 Responses to “Summer Bucket List”

  1. Little Wonders' Days Says:

    Thanks for linking your list up to the party! Growing up in the south, we made biscuits just about every Sunday. I haven’t made them in years, but it would be fun to try again. Have a super summer when it comes your way!

  2. Melting « Plath’s Adventures Says:

    […] lots of time in the kitchen baking, even through the heat (although tonight is salad for dinner). My summer goal of making all of our bread is going great, although I feel like I’m cheating by buying […]

  3. Maria Says:

    Great tips! My kids LOVE the Great Wolf Lodge! We go to the wtparaerk after lunch & stay until closing (9/10pm). Lines aren't too long then as families with younger ones leave at nap time and turn in early. There's an arcade,fantasy-themed quest,separate kids & teens clubhouses,a spa & a kids-only spa.

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