After two weeks of almost non-stop rain, now we’re experiencing a heat wave with many days of no rain. Because our house has no air conditioning and our one lowly window unit isn’t hooked up right now, we’re forced to be creative on how to stay cool. Yesterday we made a trip to the thrift store~ I scored a great swing top bottle for my water kefir (see below), as well as this awesome glass pitcher and glasses set (that’s not my listing, just showing what I got ;)) and library (free air conditioning!). Today, we’re hanging out in the garage, where we do have a window unit (long story…). I even dragged Eleanore’s kiddy pool inside so she can swim without us all melting away in the 97* weather.
Our garden is thriving for the most part. Our tomatoes are loving the heat and the beans are all sprouting. I did find aphids on our peach and apple trees early last week though, so I ordered 1,500 Live Ladybugsand released them in the evening. Ladybugs are supposed to be great at controlling and taking care of aphid problems, but I’m unsure they did much. We headed out early the next morning to see if any of them stuck around and we only found a few still hanging around. Like four.
Maybe it was too early when I released them? It was around 9:30 pm, but wasn’t very dark out yet. On the plus side, the peach tree does look better.

In other bug news, three of our butterflies have emerged!
Brewing batch after batch of water kefir this week. Loving the slight fizz- so refreshing on a hot day! So far, I’ve made ginger-lemon and blueberry flavored, while vanilla and orange are fermenting now. I ordered my water kefir grains from Cultures for Health and they’re doing fantastically, especially in this heat. Update: the orange and vanilla are fantastic. I really loved the orange flavored this morning ~ I just tossed in an orange slice during the second ferment (after removing the grains). I also ordered some sourdough starter and yogurt starter to try.

Spending lots of time in the kitchen baking, even through the heat (although tonight is salad for dinner). My summer goal of making all of our bread is going great, although I feel like I’m cheating by buying tortillas. I love homemade tortillas, but I always smoke up the house cooking in the cast iron skillet. Eleanore also helped me make a rhubarb cake last week that was delicious.
Yes, she’s wearing her wool acorn hat in 90 degree weather. She’s crazy.

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2 Responses to “Melting”

  1. Jezebel Says:

    We were sweltering the first 3 days of the week and now we are freezing LOL! from 97 high to 53 low! Have you thought about getting a tortilla maker? I find mine doesn’t smoke much.

  2. Jezebel Says:

    I have an old cast iron press that you can then put on the stove to cook. I have no idea who makes it, but I will try to find out.

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