Goofy girls and first major canning of the season

Adelaide doesn’t quite know what to think about solids. She gave me a few terrified looks after being served carrots a couple weeks ago.

but really seemed to enjoy her peas this week.

We are being very relaxed about eating real food at this point, of course. 99.9% of her diet is still mama milk, with solids (green beans, carrots or peas) only occasionally, not even every day. I remember being so worried about Eleanore’s dislike of solids at this point. She really didn’t take to real food until she was 10 or 11 months. It’s wonderful to be able to feel relaxed this time. I know she will eventually get it!

Taking pictures of two girls is exponentially more difficult than just one. One always has a goofy face, or is slightly out of focus, or one or both has food on her face … or all three…

Last weekend we picked cherries, so this week, it was time to can. There is nothing quite like the “thwap” of a canning jar sealing after all your hard work washing, pitting and jarring up goodies. Have I mentioned how much I dislike pitting cherries? Especially sour cherries that are a little soft from being picked a few days prior. Ugh. I know we will appreciate when the pies are made though! 8 pints cherry pie filling, 5 pints sweet cherries in vanilla syrup and 3 pints cherry syrup. The cherry syrup is *delicious* in water kefir, and Eleanore loves it on her pancakes, too.


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