Busy enjoying sunshine and life. I feel like we’re really (finally) getting into the groove of summer. Eleanore has been swimming everyday in her little pool and her newest fun outdoor activity has been washing her bikes with a sponge and a bucket of water. She has spent hours washing them every day. Water play is so much fun!

I loved watching the clothes and playsilks we tie dyed hang in the breeze to dry.


I’m really happy with the way my tie dye came out this time! In the past I’ve stuck with mostly low immersion scrunch dyeing, as the tie dying intimidated me.

Our garden is flourishing. I hope it continues to do well while we’re out of town this next week. We have lots of green tomatoes growing, and tons of little squash and cucumbers, too!

Our first harvest of black raspberries! We transplanted a cane we had growing wild on the edge of our property into our garden area last year and it has done fantastic this year. We should have more by the end of the week. I think this is a great year for black raspberries. While out driving last weekend, we passed by a huge patch of them and pulled over. Jason picked two cups of them in just 15 minutes. We ate half and froze the other half for me to add to our own harvest so I can make jam when we have enough harvested.

And I’ve been baking up a storm. Bagels and hamburger buns and bread galore. The bagels were delicious. I’ve already made two batches.

And the yogurt cheese I made was perfect to top them with, and so easy. Just hang a big dollop of yogurt (I used full fat organic) in either cheesecloth or layered paper towels or coffee filters all day and then mix in herbs.


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