Yoga on a rainy day

Last summer, I tried to get Eleanore into doing yoga with me, but she wasn’t interested at all. When I say wasn’t interested, I mean she ran and hid while I felt like a fool doing kid yoga by myself. Well, we checked the book Peaceful Piggy Yoga out of the library last week, and I was shocked when she started pointing out the yoga poses and trying them without even any encouragement from me. She’s having a lot of fun with this yoga dvd, too, Storytime Yoga: The Peddler’s Dream – Yoga DVD for Children. I thought it was a little “low budget,” but no yoga dvd has a high budget, I suppose. It’s storytime and yoga all rolled up into one 🙂 The tale of the peddler and his dream, which is a version of the Pedlar of Swaffham, was a really interesting story of a man who followed his dream to find a treasure. The dvd incorporates yoga movements to review the story.
Eleanore’s favorite poses are warrior pose and downward dog, but she also likes working on tree and triangle.

Pardon the grainy pictures, but it was the perfect activity for a rainy Monday! And boy was I relieved that the garden finally got some rain.


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