Home again home again

Our camping trip was wonderful. Hot, but wonderful. We had such a great time that we ended up driving an hour and a half north of where we were camping and stayed two extra days in Mackinaw City.

We stayed one night in Grand Rapids and the rest of the week on Lake Michigan: two nights at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, two nights at Fisherman’s Island State Park near Charlevoix and two nights in Mackinaw City.

Our Pack and Play had never seen such a workout, but Adelaide did great camping.
She slept wonderfully in the tent snuggled up next to all of us and had her naps in the car while we were site seeing or in the Pack and Play, and Eleanore had a fantastic time. She loved riding the dunes in Daddy’s “Hummer Jeep,” playing at the beach,
swimming in the lake,
“camping” marshmallows (somehow she got the idea that camping was having a campfire),
“rock climbing” on Mackinac Island (yes, the city is Mackinaw, while the island is Mackinac but both are pronounced the same),
searching for petoskey stones (we found tons!),
and just hanging out at the campfire eating local cherries.


Our campsite at Fisherman’s Island state park was wonderfully secluded and right on the beach. We also found an offroad trail that needed clearing of about 15 downed trees. Jason took on that challenge and pulled them out by hand or with the help of the truck and a tow rope.
that led us to a beach that was completely private and full of petoskey stones.
We’re already counting down the days until our next camping trip in September. We can’t wait to enjoy sunsets on Lake Michigan again.



One Response to “Home again home again”

  1. stef Says:

    oh goodness – I wanna cuddle in the play & play, how adorable !

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