Laying low

After my mass postings last week, I’ve been laying low this week.

I did have a bit of a transformation earlier in the week to share though… I haven’t had a hair cut since I was pregnant with Eleanore, four years ago. It was time for a change.

So long braid! It looks a bit different now, as the stylist used a flat iron on it while she was cutting, so it’s a little fuller with a touch of wave, but I’m loving the new look. It’s nice to feel a little stylish and slightly funky with some fun colors!

After that experience Monday, we truly have been laying low. Trying to get a few things canned for the year, although our garden isn’t doing as well as it did last year. I did manage to put up a few jars of peaches, some peach pit/peel jelly made from the cuttings (love how frugal this is!) and a half dozen jars of tomatoes from the garden. I have to remind myself that most of the tomatoes we put up last year came from the orchard, not our own garden, so technically our tomatoes this year produced pretty well, even though the vines are dying.


I’m also going to put up some bean soup later this week. We ate a ham earlier in the week (from a local farm), so we have to use up the remains. Since we just had bean soup not long ago, I figured we’d can it up to eat later in the year. Other than that, we’ve just been hanging out doing puzzles,

I’m still in shock that this child actually falls asleep in random places… the idea is so foreign to me, as her big sister NEVER did that…

reading and knitting
I cast on a few days ago for Joyce’s Elliebelly knitalong with the Waterlily yarn that has been stewing in my stash waiting for the perfect project. I really think a pair of Foggy Mountain coveralls are going to be that perfect project!
I’ve been doing a bit of reading, as well. Currently, it’s my Ball Blue Book and a few Great Smoky Mountains books. We’re planning a September trip to North Carolina to camp in the Smokies! We’re so excited, and I’m already gathering materials for a few activities and “lessons” for Eleanore and I to learn about bear and other wildlife before we go.


One Response to “Laying low”

  1. joyce v Says:

    i love these pictures. i want to come and hang out with you in your kitchen!

    your knitting looks great — can’t wait to see it on your sweet little model!

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