Menu September 11-17, 2011

Sunday: pork steaks cooked with jalapeno jelly (canned last year) and garlic in the crockpot, steamed green beans from the garden

Monday: eggplant parmesan, swiss chard salad with homemade ranch, homemade bread

Tuesday: soft tacos with garden zucchini and peppers, baked jalapeno poppers

Edit to change:
MENU overhaul! Our oven is broken 😦
Wednesday: baked egg rolls with garden cabbage, roasted zucchini from garden ~ ending up frying the egg rolls in a skillet with bacon grease (as the only other oils we had on hand were olive and coconut. Olive isn’t good to cook with at such a high heat, and I don’t think I’d like coconut flavored egg rolls). Served with steamed carrots from the garden.

Thursday: baked salmon, green beans from garden, baked summer squash fritters
chicken breasts cooked in the crockpot with peach jalapeno jam (canned last summer), brown rice and steamed green beans from the garden

Friday: homemade pizza topped with roasted garden veggies Beef stroganoff in the crockpot, peas

Saturday: either roasted or shake and bake style (but homemade) chicken, stuffing, peas Swiss Chicken in the crockpot, broccoli


2 Responses to “Menu September 11-17, 2011”

  1. jewelybug Says:

    Mmm! Your meals sound yummy. I’m coming over! lol What do you do for homemade shake and bake?

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