Knitting Rainbows

I love everything rainbows. Blame it on Rainbow Brite, perhaps, when I was an impressionable child, but rainbows are simply beautiful. I remember one of my favorite episodes of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was when he used a prism to make rainbows in his kitchen. So, when I stumbled upon a rainbow craft swap on a local board I’m a member of, I couldn’t resist joining in on the rainbow fun. I decided to knit up these braided balls. The knitting was incredibly boring, but it was perfect for all the traveling we did on our trip to the Smoky Mountains (when I wasn’t being a throw up-catcher…), and I’m now finished with all the strips and just need to braid them all together. The tricky part…

I will be so glad to finish them up. I have so many projects to work on! A new tablecloth, I need to patch a pair of my favorite jeans, Adelaide needs more longies, Eleanore needs some socks and I have a special sewing project idea for Adelaide. Not to mention, Halloween is next month!


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