Apples and applesauce

We made our first fall trip to the orchard last week and picked up a peck of utility apples (aka seconds) and after eating about half of them, I decided it was time to make up a batch of applesauce.

Eleanore helped me by washing and then peeling and coring all of them.

We threw them in the crockpot with an inch or so of water and a good hefty sprinkle of cinnamon and let them cook all day.
Then I briefly ran them through the blender, and canned them (15 minutes in the water bath for pints). First batch of applesauce of the year.

Both girls approved, and we definitely have plans to put more up!
Yes, that is the goofy look I get now for pictures. Either that or she hides with a scowl… oh the three year old drama.

We also started working on our Autumn nature table. We made these easy yarn apples, and watercolor painted some leaves for our fall tree.



It’s hard to believe summer is over, but we’re definitely enjoying the cool, crisp weather and the apples and cider.


One Response to “Apples and applesauce”

  1. Tanya Says:

    OMG Lisa, I love that picture of Adelaide!!!!

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