Under the Weather (which is gorgeous!)

We’ve been dealing with a nasty cold this past week, so we’ve been trying to lay low. We have been getting out in the yard to enjoy the gorgeous weather however.

We spent some time gathering black walnuts, pinecones, leaves and acorns. I’m not sure what we’ll do with the black walnuts, but as it’s fall and all animals are gathering and putting up, I also feel I must gather them up for something. We have a basketful still in their shells from last year. Perhaps we’ll dye with the green husks this year?

We have grown an amazing patch of toadstools in the front yard. I wish I knew more about edible mushrooms, but the only ones I know for sure are safe are morels (and not found in the fall of course).

I’ve also enjoyed the after-dinner performances this week from the girls.

Remember the rainbow balls I knit for the rainbow swap? I was able to make it to the craft exchange this week and received a wonderful assortment of crafts for Eleanore and Adelaide that I’m going to put back for Christmas. For Eleanore: an apron, a sewn rainbow game and a totebag. For Adelaide: an adorable rainbow plushie and a sewn fabric ball. Everything was gorgeous, and I wish I had time to make 10 things for the swap, because there were so many beautiful things I didn’t receive but would have loved.
Crafting has begun for Halloween now! Hopefully a post on that soon.


One Response to “Under the Weather (which is gorgeous!)”

  1. bswebb Says:

    Goodness me….how do you find the time to craft the way you do?? I am in the learning process of knitting. It’s a slow process. They tell me it will soon be something I can do blindfolded.

    This almost makes me wish I had two little girls to craft for. The colours are beautiful.

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