Indian Summer Nature Walk


We’ve had 80 degree weather the past few days, and while it didn’t feel like fall, we thought we should get out and enjoy some sunshine, so we took a long nature walk at a nearby metropark this past weekend.


Eleanore took this picture!


We also worked on a few owl crafts for our nature table after reading about owls all week. Owl Moon was definitely our favorite, and we hope to go owling sometime soon.
This paperbag owl was a lot of fun.
And Eleanore had so much fun painting these owls, she couldn’t resist adding a fourth owl (the mama and her three babies from Owl Babies).
We also had fun listening to these owl sound files.
This owl file folder matching game was a little too easy, but cute.
These owl coloring pages were fun, too.
Halloween costumes for the girls are finished! Pictures soon 🙂


One Response to “Indian Summer Nature Walk”

  1. homeschoolinghelicoptermama Says:

    What lovely pictures! I love the fall colors. I hope oneday we live somewhere as colorful. The leaves just seem to turn brown here and it’s still quite warm. 🙂

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