Halloween Fun & Fall Crafting

We had our first Halloween event this morning, so I figured it was time to unveil the costumes. We headed out to a Halloween party at a local working farm where we got to ride the hayride, play a few games and join in on a parade with the goats and a runaway pig. It was great fun!




Eleanore is a bat this year. Here’s a better picture of her wings:
I used this easy tutorial I found on pinterest, and Adelaide is a spider. I just winged her costume, adding stuffed felt legs to a pair of sweatpants and long sleeve tee. I then knit them both black hats. Really easy, but I’m pleased with how they came out.
Adelaide is growing up so much lately. She’s climbing onto things now when she spots something she wants.
She’s really taking to food these days, eating two, if not three, meals a day with us. She just had her first pasta the other day and enjoyed it. Her favorite food is definitely applesauce though, after mama’s milk of course.

Eleanore has done lots of pumpkin crafting and learning this week (our homeschool theme of the week): watercolor painting, a tissue paper pumpkin collage, a painted paperplate pumpkin, we even made and have played with orange playdough this week, as well as learned about the pumpkin life cycle with various books and these montessori cards. I worked on a little needle felting, whipping up this pumpkin the other day while Eleanore played with a jack o lantern felt activity I cut out for her.
However, the real highlight of the week was the crafting done by Jason. We went lamp shopping last weekend, as the dim lighting in the living room was getting to us every evening. Well, we saw a floor lamp we both liked, but Jason said he could make it. He definitely succeeded, and built and finished it that same day.
I like it so much more than the one in the store! We still need to get a new lampshade and a larger harp for it, as we just used what we had at home, but our living room is already so much brighter. I need to get a better picture of the top, as the harp is screwed into a branch that came from a tree in our yard. I love it!


2 Responses to “Halloween Fun & Fall Crafting”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Wow! Nice work! Very impressive for sure.

  2. Whiterock Says:

    Awesome lamp!

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